Making a difference and staying in mind are undoubtedly the keywords of the new era. But in today’s world, where information spreads so fast, it isn’t easy to be different and stay in mind. As BE BRAND, we step in at this point to focus on perception and reputation management. We plan to impose you on the subconscious minds of your customers’ more emotional right brains and unconsciously put you ahead in their decision order. With correct perception management in branding, we aim for your customers to see you with their under senses, not with their eyes.

Which of us does not sometimes wonder who we are and how we look outside? However, we think that we think many things right, set up correctly, manage and reflect accurately within ourselves… So why do we still wonder what other people think of us and even care so much? The reason is straightforward; all positive and negative perceptions create and affect your reputation in your distant and close surroundings. We put ourselves in the customer’s place, not the brand, to take the brand further and establish better communication with the customers.

While perception is the state of understanding how the world outside your brand, what it says about your brand, is interpreted by others, reputation management is the management of all the combinations of perceptions in the outside world in favor of the brand.

Just like art, branding can be interpreted, perceived, and touched in people’s lives in different ways. We set out to be the consultant of brands that tell incredible stories, connect their customers to the brand, make them think, and give them different experiences, just like an art workshop.

We just don’t work, we also live in our office in Dubai Marina… We follow the schedule, have fun, and complete our work by seeing the right content in the proper context as the key to the future, whether digital or analog. We produce ideas that ensure brands are not forgotten and develop strategies to make brands talk. We go on a long-term marathon with brands, develop strategies suitable for their positioning, and bring these ideas together in 360-degree communication channels.

Excellence is not determined, it is perceptually designed…


BE BRAND develops practical, creative ideas and practices and offers integrated solutions in strategic communication consultancy to increase its partners' brand value and corporate reputation. BE BRAND creates original communication solutions by recognizing, understanding, and adopting brands, using dynamic and innovative methods that align with the era's requirements, apart from traditional methods.

We are waiting for you at BE BRAND to be your closest companion on the journey where relationships between brands and people are designed.

“There are two attitudes you can wear: that of cold arithmetic or that of warm, human persuasion. I will urge the latter on you. For there is evidence that in the field of communications, the more intellectual you grow, the more you lose the great intuitive skills that make for, the greater persuasion-the things that really touch and move people.”

– William Bernbach



We first evaluate alternatives by generating a large number of ideas.


Together with our customers, we begin to focus on some of the ideas that we highlight.


We agree on the best idea and roll up our sleeves as soon as possible to implement it.


Finally, we make the project tangible and ensure our customers are satisfied.